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(Unavailable Weekends and Federal Holidays)

(3 Hours). Adults $50 - 18 and under $25 (tax included).
On November 7, 1848, the War Department ordered the 3rd Infantry to establish a base to protect a region known as the Pass of the North.  “The Post Opposite El Paso” was the original post at Ponce’s Rancho or downtown El Paso and was closed in 1851.  When the Fort was reestablished in 1854, it was moved to Magoffinsville.  During the Civil War, Fort Bliss was first under Confederate rule, but the Union forces assumed command in 1862.  Their Headquarters was near Hart’s Mill.  After the Civil War, Fort Bliss was reestablished at Magoffinsville.  The flooding Rio Grande had washed away most of Fort Bliss and the post was moved to the Concordia Ranch serving as a base for the Buffalo Soldiers.  This post was closed in 1870.  Again Fort Bliss was reopened, with Concordia being washed away by flooding, Fort Bliss soldiers stayed in empty buildings downtown, also know as “Garrison Town” a temporary base until 135 acres were purchased near Harts Mill.  When Fort Bliss outgrew the Harts Mill location and was going to move, they had no money for land.  Local businessmen purchased and gave 1,100 acres of La Noria Mesa to the government for Fort Bliss, its current location.  You will see the 6 locations of Fort Bliss, dating back to 1848.  Tour present-day Fort Bliss, the Army Air Defense Artillery Museum, and walk through yesteryear at the 1857 museum a replica of Fort Bliss in its Magoffinsville days.  Other points of interest: Buffalo Soldiers' Monument, home of General "Black Jack" Pershing, and the Fort Bliss National Cemetery. 

Fort Bliss Replica

Home of the Commander of Fort Bliss

General Pershings Quarters

Inside ADA Museum

Japanese Garden

Buffalo Soldier Monument

Soldiers at Fort Bliss